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5 Simple Steps to Buying a Home

The thought of buying a home can be overwhelming and intimidating, although it should be exciting! The home-buying process can easily be broken out into 5 main steps to help you tackle your goals of homeownership.

1. Get Pre-Approved

-Contact a lender

-Discuss your mortgage options

-Complete your pre-approval application

2. Find Your Dream Home

-Share your home search criteria with your realtor

-Enjoy browsing listings while your realtor searches MLS records

-Tour homes that meet your criteria

3. Get Your New Home Under Contract

-Make an offer based on market data

-Negotiate the terms with the seller

-Sign the contract and make your earnest money deposit

4. Complete Your Due Diligence

-Get a home inspection

-Negotiate repairs if needed

-Get the home appraised

-Confirm clear title

-Complete a survey and additional inspection if necessary

-Secure your loan

5. Close On Your New Home

-Walkthrough the property one last time before closing

-Review the Closing Statement

-Wire the funds due for closing

-Sign the closing documents

-Get your keys!


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