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Get to Know Me

Some people know me as the local pet sitter with "all the dogs", while some locals know me as the go-getter home design specialist they can turn to with various design/decor questions. To some I am their local realtor and go-to person for recommendations for a solid contractor; to others I am simply their neighbor or their friend.

However you may know me, you know my love for the Lowcountry and this beautiful place I get to call home; you know my ability to envision the potential that a property can have, and my passion to build upon the integrity and character of the Lowcountry. Although I can't say I am a native to Beaufort County, South Carolina, I can say that I have lived here in the Lowcountry for nearly a decade and have watched this area change and grow like the rising and falling tide over the years. Many people yearn to call a place like this home, and I am here to help make that dream a reality.

Want to know some Fun Facts about me?!

Take a look below - see how many you knew before you read this...

  1. I have lived in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, & Beaufort

  2. Golf & fishing are two of my favorite hobbies

  3. I love dogs

  4. My favorite beach is on Hilton Head

  5. Some of my favorite areas to fish are off of St Helena Island

  6. My background is in home design/selections

  7. I am a graduate of Florida State University

Think we could be a good fit to work together (in real estate or home design)...or want to grab coffee and chat; reach out! Always excited to meet other like-minded locals!


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