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Happy Heritage Week!

For over 50 years, the Heritage tournament has been a part of history here on Hilton Head. Back then, what we now know as the RBC Heritage, was called the Heritage Classic. Arnold Palmer won the first ever Heritage Classic, putting both the tournament and Hilton Head Island on the map. It wasn't until the early 80's that the tournament locked in its current springtime spot after the Masters, making it one of the most enjoyable and laid back events for some of the players; especially to bring their families and enjoy a little vacation time outside of the tournament.

The beloved 'Heritage Plaid' hasn't always been a marker of the tournament; in the very first years of the tournament's history, winners received a bright yellow jacket. It didn't take long for tournament organizers to decide to create a tartan plaid of their own which is now known solely as the 'Heritage Plaid.'

Today marks the first day of play at the 2023 RBC Heritage golf tournament at Harbourtown Golf Links in Sea Pines Plantation. With the hustle and bustle and excitement buzzing throughout the island about the tournament, you're sure to see golf fans and vacationers alike, enjoying the camaraderie of all things Heritage on Hilton Head this week. Saturday and Sunday of the tournament are the busiest days, but some of the most enjoyable in terms of down right suspenseful shots and enjoyable competition among the golfers. Tee times start at 8:30am Saturday and Sunday, and on the final day of play, before the round, there is the traditional Sunrise Service under the Liberty Oak at 7:30am; anyone is welcome to enjoy this beautiful tradition.


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